Volunteer Dates

Group Trip Dates

You will be picked up from Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana, and you can arrive and depart on either of the two dates given.

Trip Duration Arrival Departure
TRP 1 2 weeks 26th or 27th Jan 09th or 10th Feb
TRP 2 2 weeks 09th or 10th Feb 23rd or 24th Mar
TRP 3 4 weeks 30th or 31st March 27th or 28th April
TRP 4 2 weeks 27th or 28th April 11th or 12th May
TRP 5 4 weeks 11th or 12th May 08th or 09th June
TRP 6 3 weeks 08th or 09th June 29th or 30th June
TRP 7 4 weeks 29th or 30th June 27th or 28th July
TRP 8 4 weeks 27th or 28th July  24th or 25th Aug
TRP 9 3 weeks  24th or 25th Aug  14th or 15th Sept
TRP 10 2 weeks  14th or 15th Sept 28th or 29th Sept
TRP 11 2  weeks 28th or 29th Sept 12th or 13th Oct

Please note:
If you are interested in doing a shorter or long term placement this is also possible. Individual trip dates can be done
on your preferred date so please get in contact with us.

Looking Out for You

Before the trip: We appreciate that for many of our volunteers this may be your first time volunteering and therefore we see how important supporting you is. We will be able to fully advise you on flights, insurance, visas, the culture and language, money and any other questions you may have.

In Ghana: We have knowledgeable staff on hand to deal with any queries and they will be with you from the minute you step off the plane to the time you return to the airport.

Food – Our cooks will provide 3 meals a day, with a mixture of local and international dishes. There will also be fresh drinking water accessible at all times.

Post-trip: We will provide any support you require once you are back home, whether that be writing a reference for you, or perhaps finding out how you can stay involved in Enliven Mama Africa’s projects.

As well as making a significant impact on the lives of people in Ghana, we appreciate Ghana is an amazing country to explore, with so much to do and see.

Volunteers are based in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti Region of Ghana, which is a vibrant city with lots of attractions, such as the King’s Palace and colourful markets. Our team of staff will escort you to these during your free time in the evenings and weekends.

The location of Enliven Mama Africa also means it is perfect for reaching top tourist attractions in Ghana.We provide voluntary tourist excursions to the following places:

• Kintampo Waterfalls – one of Ghana’s many natural wonders. Volunteers will be able to swim and cool off by spending a few hours here as water cascades over a rock fixture.

• Mole National Park – the largest nature reserve in Ghana, and home to one of West Africa’s few elephant herds. Besides elephants, the park abounds with monkeys, baboons and antelopes. With our tourist package, volunteers will be able to sleep here for two nights and enjoy safaris to see a wide variety of animals.

Kakum National Park – located in a lush rainforest in the Central Region of Ghana. Here, volunteers can walk along the forest’s canopy, which provides a unique birds-eye view of the forest.

• Cape Coast – the walls of Cape Coast Castle tell one of the most tragic stories in history, the deportation of African slaves to the Americas. It is important to visit such places and be aware of the grim realities of the world we’ve inherited. On our excursion to Ghana’s Central Region, volunteers will have the opportunity to tour this castle and hear the story of those who suffered here, as well relax on the stunning beaches.

• Lake Bosomtwe – a 30km drive from Kumasi sees you at some amazing crater lakes. Here you’ll stay for a couple of days in lake huts; swimming and relaxing in the lush waters or taking a walk into the mountains.