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Ghana has had 30,000 confirmed cases and 153 deaths. But these official figures are likely to underestimate reality, with little testing being done . The restrictions and safety protocols however have been devastating to poor families.


The cost of food and basic supplies has gone up 4 fold. The informal “jobs” that most people do have been affected by locations like markets being closed or with far fewer customers. More people have been pushed into poverty which immediately increases risks to children – their basic needs such as food and shelter  but also pressure to work or marry and increased risk of abuse and neglect.

The choice facing families in northern Ghana right now:

Risk coronavirus or their children starving

Coronavirus is hitting the most vulnerable children and their families the hardest – pushing more families into poverty and children out of school.


Enliven Mama Africa is on the frontline in these communities and trusted by these families. We are their only hope.


But just when the need is greatest, coronavirus has also caused a massive funding crisis.


We’ve lost nearly half of our income due to the impact COVID-19 has had on our fundraising.


We are doing everything we can to support families at risk and have supplied 2000 families with emergency food, soap and basic PPE. But under severe financial strain, we are having to turn people away in their greatest hour of need.


Without organisations like AfriKids there to protect vulnerable children, the progress we have made could be set back decades and poverty, neglect and abuse will thrive again.


We have already cut budgets, cancelled projects and slashed staff salaries, but it‘s not enough.


Please make a donation* of whatever you can afford to help us keep vulnerable children, healthy, safe and in school.

Thank you to everyone who has already supported us – we are so grateful!

*This is a changing situation so all donations raised will be allocated to our general funds and spent flexibly as needed, where they can make the greatest difference.


Invented in Ghana and used where no running water is available.