About Us



Enliven Mama Africa is a Non-Governmental and Voluntary Organisation with no political or religious affiliation. We provide opportunities to volunteer in Ghana on sustainable developmental projects and gain experience in the development sector. Our projects are developed with local stakeholders and implemented by our team, volunteers and stakeholders.

Enliven mama Africa UK (Charity No 1167593) started in 2015 in partnership with Enliven Mama Africa Ghana (D.S.D/6757) registered charity.

The organisation operates in Ghana, currently Kumasi in the Ashanti Region and will be expanded to other parts of the country in the future.


The organisation is guided by the principles below which seek to inform the strategies, programs and activities.

  1. Team spirit and participation in project(s)
  2. Clarity and candidness in the organisation.
  3. Integrity and accountability.
  4. Social cooperation.
  5. Effective strategic partnership and alliance.


It is our vision to see the deprived in society flourish through free enterprise in order to be self-sustainable and for the future generation to gain more knowledge and understanding to make the nation and world a better place to live in.


We seek to promote economic empowerment through small scale entrepreneurship for young, single mothers and the disabled people in society, provide a better education through the renovation of unused spaces in the various privileged schools and seeking the wellbeing of Special Needs Children.



Maxwell Donkor

Managing Director – Ghana

I am a native of Nkawie in the Ashanti region of Ghana. I work for a charity called Thrive Africa Organisation. On a trip to a town Besease, in Kumasi, I noticed a lot of young women facing some challenges in life; finding it difficult to continue their Junior High & Senior High School level due to teenage pregnancy or poverty as a whole. Hence the desire to help them compelled me to form an idea which aims to empower young mothers’ in the rural communities to enable them be self-sustainable. And as an educationist help improve children education.

Louise Hooper

Co-ordinator – UK

Hi I’m Louise, I live in the UK in a place called Gloucestershire. I Visited Ghana 4 years ago to volunteers for Maxwell’s charity organisation. During my trip to Ghana it really opened my eyes up to a different culture and how other live. volunteering has changed my life and i want to be able to share my experience and also make other volunteers have the same happiness and show love and support where it needs it most. Since being in the UK i have had a passion on helping children develop and grow. I am helping Maxwell make his vision a reality and create an amazing charity that everyone will love!

Abraham Oseitutu

Project manager - Ghana

I am Abraham Oseitutu, better known as Kwame from the Ashanti Region of Ghana. I am the project manager with huge experience in the charity sector. I have the passion to help the less privileged, the society pushes me to execute the amazing projects done by Enliven Mama Africa.I believe each and everyone deserve equal opportunities in life.

Sally Tucker

Canadian Ambassador

My name is Sally Tucker. I’m from Canada. I was lucky enough to spend almost a year in Ghana volunteering in 2006. It was a life changing experience to say the least. I met amazing people and felt a connection to this land and its people like I’ve never known. Maxwell became an amazing friend and I’m eager to team up and assist in this worthwhile project. I’m now a mother of a beautiful three year old girl. I want to show by example what it is to care for our brothers and sisters around the globe.

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