How We Do It



Qualified, experienced professionals, they have a deep personal commitment to improving life for children and women in their communities. Being known and trusted by the communities they work in is what makes them so effective, especially with some of our most complex work changing traditional beliefs.


We adhere to best practice guidelines as outlined by the Charity Commission and the Fundraising Regulator. We maintain robust governance policies and procedures including regular internal and external audits to ensure this. We publish independently audited accounts annually and encourage our supporters to ask us anything, anytime


We will not trivialise the injustice of poverty or compromise the dignity of anyone we work with through pity advertising or by using inappropriate images or language when discussing sensitive issues. We hope sharing the positive stories of how our work is making a difference will inspire people to help us do more.



We work together with communities to end harmful traditional practices and protect children, while respecting local culture, heritage and environment. We are conscious to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment and employ a reduce, reuse and recycle approach.


By working with others, we can have a greater impact. We collaborate with partners across the NGO, public and private sectors to maximise the reach and impact of our projects. We continuously develop our knowledge and skills by working with and learning from others, sharing what we know so that they too can learn from us.


We are bold in our approach and will always find creative solutions to broaden our reach. We will always challenge ourselves, so our supporters remain engaged to ensure our lasting impact on the lives of more children in Ghana.