Volunteering Costs

Registration Fee

Initially you pay a £100 non-refundable fee (we use this to pre-book your transport, food and materials for the project work) You will then be required to fundraise the following, dependent on the duration and type of trip you apply:

Individual Trip Fees

2 Weeks – Minimum donation of £650
3 Weeks – Minimum donation of £850
4 Weeks – Minimum donation of £999

Group Trip Fees

2 Weeks – Minimum donation of £999
3 Weeks – Minimum donation of £1,200

(This needs to be raised no later than 5 weeks before your departure date)

Individual Trips

Trips could involve placement in schools and special needs schools as a teacher assistant, a care worker for special needs children within the community, providing vocational training for communities bespoke to ones interests such as Sawing, – beekeeping, soap-making,photography, Sami radio presenting, sports, As a clinical psychologist, or physical therapist.

Group Trips

Group trips involve both volunteering and cultural experiences. On-going projects which volunteers would be involved are:

Building libraries for local schools.

Building mushroom farming sheds to generate an income for families, including families who have children with special needs.

Providing hand washing stations in schools to promote personal hygiene for school students.

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