Shaping Africa
For Tomorrow

For women and child,
hope, love and support
changes everything


Shaping Africa for Tomorrow

Enliven Mama Africa is a Non-Governmental and Voluntary Organization with no political or religious affiliation. We provide opportunities to volunteer in Ghana on sustainable developmental projects and gain experience in the development sector. Our projects are developed with local stakeholders and implemented by our team, volunteers and stakeholders.

Enliven mama Africa UK (Charity No 1167593) started in 2015 in partnership with Enliven Mama Africa Ghana (D.S.D/6757) registered charity. The organization operates in Ghana, currently Kumasi in the Ashanti Region and will be expanded to other parts of the country in the future.

The Experience

The ways to help others in the best possible way

We believe in the rights of all women and children in Africa and that they should be valued, protected and met by all

Why Support Us ?

Know Where Your Money Goes

We guarantee a direct flow of funds from our UK Registered Charity to our Ghana Registered NGO and are independently audited every year to account for every penny we spend. Our team in the UK provide due diligence and oversight, ensuring every penny you give helps children and families in need.


See the Difference You Make

We want you to fully understand the impact of your support and see the real difference you have made. Our acclaimed feedback will show you how we have used your gift and the lives you have helped us to change.


Get Involed on the Grounds

Volunteering with Enliven Mama Africa you’ll have the opportunity to work on several development projects and experience everything Ghana has to offer. Working 5 days a week you’ll gain an understanding of what the project is, why it exists and the outcomes it will deliver.