Educating Young Single Mothers

This project is based in Besease which is a village in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Enliven Mama Africa empowers young Ghanaian mothers to thrive through trade education and small scale entrepreneurship in the village.

We currently have fourteen young women who are attending a trade school in Besease, Ashanti, Ghana, with support from Enliven Mama Africa. As they learn to become seamstresses, we will continue our relationship with them. Enliven Mama Africa has paid the women’s tuition and is currently purchasing supplies to help build their future.

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to visit these young mothers, spending time with them and their children.


Hand washing Project

Hygiene practice is integral in the development of children. Enliven Mama Africa aims to improve hygiene education and encourage behaviour change to ensure maximum health benefits. HANDWASH project activities include building hand wash stations in the schools providing containers, soaps and other materials to improve upon hygiene in the schools. The projects educate the children and teachers in school on good hygiene practice and behaviour change towards hygiene. An efficiently and effectively implementation of the handwashing project in school programme will lead to students who (a) are healthier (b) Positively influence hygiene practices in their homes (c)Change their current hygiene behaviour and continue better hygiene practices in the future. Volunteers are involve in the building of handwashing stations and educating the students and teachers on hygiene practices.


Enliven Mama Africa Partner with Thrive Africa to work in partnership with Ghana Education Service to research & locate schools that would benefit from having a library within the Ashanti region of Ghana.

Once we have assessed the needs of the schools our volunteers renovate unused spaces to create a vibrant learning environment for children to enjoy the benefits of a library. We provide all materials and build our libraries to the specific needs of the school.

Our partners Book-Cycle UK & Books Abroad collect books from across the UK and send them to Ghana where they are used to stock the libraries volunteers build.

We use volunteers effort to build a farm for Special needs children parents to support their family they feed the family and also sale some to generate income for the family since many parent may have to spend time with their children and want get the time to work

Food sustains life. Our responsibility lies in sustaining food.

The communities we serve in Ghana are largely agricultural and provide food for the area. As Enliven Mama Africa encourages young mothers and Special needs parent to rise from poverty by means other than farming, volunteers will support child with special needs parents to farm in the indispensable work they perform.

As a volunteer on our farm project, you will have the opportunity to work daily on a traditional farm. The labour is physical, involving walking, lifting, and bending. Your hard work will be rewarded