Our Volunteering Projects

Educating Young Single Mothers
Besease is a village in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Enliven Mama Africa empowers young Ghanaian mothers to thrive through trade education and small scale entrepreneurship in the village.
Currently fourteen young women are attending trade school in Besease, Ashanti, Ghana, with support from Enliven Mama Africa. As they learn to become seamstresses, we will continue our relationship with them, ensuring they have the tools needed for success.
As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to visit these young mothers, spending time with them and their children. They will teach you how to cook traditional Ghanaian food, such as fufu and redred, and you will learn the art of traditional kente weaving. See more..

Enliven Mama Africa is working in collaboration with Bantama Presby Primary and Bantama Presby Junior High Schools to help provide a successful education for the pupils.
As a volunteer, you will spend one day observing the way children are taught in Ghana, and then you will have the opportunity to help teach in a class yourself; providing support to the teacher and extending the children’s knowledge on issues, such as hygiene. No previous teaching experience is required; however, if you want to come on a long term placement, having some experience of a school environment would be beneficial. See more..

Children's Home
In Ghana, a significant number of children are orphaned; whether that is due to losing their parents, coming from abusive homes or due to their parents not being able to financially look after them. Kumasi Children’s Home was developed in 1965 and particularly has a large number of very young children, whose mothers passed away at birth and have no one to care for them. They also look after children from the streets, from abusive families and abandoned homes.

Unfortunately, many of them lack human contact. The children with special needs are often not given the care they need to grow and learn. One of our previous volunteers, Rosie, has been working to advocate for the needs of the children with disabilities. Thanks to Rosie, a new sensory room has been built in the Children's Home. She has also worked with the staff of the children to implement care plans. Rosie is currently raising money to pay for Paul, one of the children, to have a life changing operation.

Enliven Mama Africa is working with the Kumasi Children’s home, to improve the lives of the young and venerable and the sustainability of the home. As a volunteer on our childcare project, you will work with the local staff in spending time with the children, giving them the attention, affection, and stimulation they crave. You will also have the opportunity to create organised activities and events to enrich the experience for the children. See more..

Food sustains life. Our responsibility lies in sustaining food.

The communities we serve in Ghana are largely agricultural and provide food for the area. In Navrango, we work with care givers who look after orphans to provide them with sustainable food sources.

As a volunteer on our farm project, you will have the opportunity to work daily on a traditional farm by planting seeds to provide a reliable food source for the orphan families. The labour is physical, involving walking, lifting, and bending, but no experience is required. Please note, in the rainy season, volunteers may not be able to farm every day and in which case they will spend time educating children in local school on hygiene issues, such as washing hands to avoid illnesses like cholera. See more..

Special Needs Children
In Navrango, Enliven Mama Africa supports care givers in providing volunteer support to help look after special needs children. The care givers are looking after many children so they do not often have enough time to provide the one on one support the special needs children require.
As a volunteer, you will spend time with the children; ensuring they are fed, washed and clothed and planning activities to stimulate them. See more..