Our Vision and Initiatives

Enliven Mama Africa enriches the communities of rural Ghana by empowering young mothers to thrive through small scale entrepreneurship, monetary assistance and volunteer support, with the vision to enable them to become self-sustainable. We run a number of different projects for volunteers to get involved with in order to fund the educating of these young mothers.

Educating Young Single Mothers

This project was the basis on which Enliven Mama Africa was created. After visiting the village of Besease, it was evident there were many young single mothers finding it difficult to support themselves and their families.

How we do Trade Education

Enliven Mama Africa has enrolled 14 single mothers in the village of Besease in a local trade school called the Integrated Community Center for Employable Skills (ICCES). A teacher comes to Besease every day to provide quality education in the seamstress trade. ICCES is committed to educating rural youth, and they are an indispensable partner in Enliven Mama Africa’s work.

When the 14 women complete their trade education, Enliven Mama Africa will help them give back to their community by taking on trade apprentices.

How we do Small Scale Entrepreneurship

Enliven Mama Africa gave out 12 microloans to women in our seamstress school in April 2015. In the evenings and on weekends, they spend time selling items ranging from food to slippers. This income is helping them keep their children fed and in school as they learn trade skills. After the women finish trade school, Enliven Mama Africa hopes to expand our microfinance program to support the women’s new seamstress shops in Besease and the surrounding area.