Who we are

Our team

Maxwell Donkor, Managing Director - Ghana

I am Maxwell, from the Ashanti region of Ghana. I developed the idea of Enliven Mama Africa after a trip I took to the nearby village of Besease, where I noticed the large number of young mothers and the challenges they face. From my previous experience within the charity sector and with international volunteers, and my desire to help these mothers, I felt compelled to form an idea for a new project, which brought Enliven Mama Africa to life. I am a believer in education, and am motivated by serving the community; Enliven Mama Africa embodies my idea and values..

Sarah Bibbey, Managing Director - USA

​​I am Sarah, from Colorado, USA. I visited Ghana with personal goals to learn about the life of another culture, and I wanted to see Africa for myself. My greatest desire, though, was to build relationships with Ghanaians and make a difference in their lives. I met Maxwell in Ghana and we began to talk about how both our desires to help those in need could be used to build a charity. Over the next few months, we continued to communicate and I decided to become involved in development in Ghana. Maxwell launched the idea of supporting young single mothers, and I listened; we then brainstormed, researched, argued, and finally developed Enliven Mama Africa.

Stephanie Stevens and Jade Mullen, Volunteer Coordinators – UK

Our Volunteer Coordinators are there to support us and they share our passion for women’s empowerment and enriching communities. Stephanie and Jade have both previously volunteered with us and Stephanie is now a staff nurse and Jade is currently studying at University. They work to fundraise for the organisation and communicate with local schools, universities and companies to gather donations. They are also there to recruit volunteers and support them from the minute volunteers fill in an application form; providing advice about how to fundraise or buy travel insurance, to being someone to talk to if you are anxious about travelling alone.

*** We also have a team of dedicated drivers, cooks, fundraisers and trustees.