Volunteer Dates

You will be picked up from Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana, and you can arrive and depart on either of the two dates given.

Trip Duration Arrival Departure
TRP 1 2 weeks 27th or 28th Jan 10th or 11th Feb
TRP 2 2 weeks 10th or 11th Feb 24th or 25th Mar
TRP 3 4 weeks 31stMarch or 1 April 28th or 29th April
TRP 4 2 weeks 28th or 29th April 12th or 13th May
TRP 5 4 weeks 12th or 13th May 9th or 10th June
TRP 6 3 weeks 9th or 10th June 30th or 1st July
TRP 7 4 weeks 30th ro 1st July 28th or 29th July
TRP 8 4 weeks 28th or 29th July  25th or 26th Aug
TRP 9 3 weeks  25th or 26th Aug  15th or 16th Sept
TRP 10 2 weeks  15th or 16th Sept 29th or 30th Sept
TRP 11 2  weeks 29th or 30th Sept 13th or 14th Oct

Please note:
If you are interested in doing a shorter trip or a longer term placement, this is possible, so please get in contact with us