Farming: The Building Block of Life

Nkawie is a village near Kumasi, in Ghana's Ashanti Region. It is located in a richly vegetated area, and the surrounding farms blend in with the forest. The first thing a visitor to Nkawie will notice is the friendliness and hospitality of the people.

As development sweeps through Ghana, especially in the form of foreign investors and land buyers, the traditional way of life, that of subsistence farmers, is slowly disappearing. We have seen this occur drastically throughout the developing world, to the detriment of farm workers and the land itself. We do not want to see this occur in Ghana as well and so by aiding farmers in Nkawie, we hope to reinforce the importance that:

Food sustains life. Our responsibility lies in sustaining food.

The communities we serve in Ghana are largely agricultural and provide food for the area. As Enliven Mama Africa encourages young mothers to rise from poverty by means other than farming, volunteers will support local farmers in the indispensable work they perform.

As a volunteer on our farm project, you will have the opportunity to work daily on a traditional farm. The labour is physical, involving walking, lifting, and bending. Your hard work will be rewarded by the farmers in Nkawie, who will provide extensive knowledge as well as delightful company.