Volunteer Dates and Donation Costs

You will be picked up from Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana, and you can arrive and depart on either of the two dates given.

Team Duration Arrival Departure
TRP 1 3 Weeks 6th or 7th Feb 27th or 28th Feb
TRP 2 4 Weeks 27th or 28th Feb 26th or 27th Mar
TRP 3 3 Weeks 26th or 27th Mar 16th or 17th Apr
TRP 4 4 Weeks 23rd or 24th Apr 21st or 22nd May
TRP 5 3 Weeks 21st or 22nd May 11th or 12th June
TRP 6 4 Weeks 18th or 19th June 16th or 17th July
TRP 7 3 Weeks 16th or 17th July 6th or 7th Aug
TRP 8 4 Weeks 13th or 14th Aug 10th or 11th Sept
TRP 9 3 Weeks 10th or 11th Sept 1st or 2nd Oct
TRP 10 4 Weeks 8th or 9th Oct 5th or 6th Nov
TRP 11 3 Weeks 5th or 6th Nov 26th or 27th Nov

Please note: If you are interested in doing a shorter trip or a longer term placement, this is possible, so please get in contact.

Donation Costs

Enliven Mama Africa relies upon donations to help fund the work we do, alongside the support of our volunteers on these projects. We therefore ask volunteers for a minimum contribution in order to support the costs involved in working on our projects.


Initially you pay a £95 non-refundable fee (we use this to pre-book your transport, food and materials for the project work)

You will then be required to raise the following, dependent on the duration of your stay:

3 Weeks - Minimum donation of £750
4 Weeks - Minimum donation of £850

(This needs to be raised no later than 5 weeks before your departure date. We provide you with a donation page to make it easier for friends, family, etc...to donate)  

What is covered in these costs:

- Airport pick-up and drop-off
- 3 meals a day and purified water
- All transport related to projects
- All project materials
- In-country staff support 24/7
- Fundraising page
- Facebook group to connect with other volunteers

  What further costs volunteers are responsible for:

- Flights
- Travel Insurance
- Visa
- Vaccinations
- Travel Excursions (see below for our excursion package)

Optional Excursion Package

The package includes excursions to top destinations in Ghana, such as Kintampo waterfalls and Cape Coast. See more information here here

The package also includes: Enliven Mama Africa t-shirts, a Ghanaian bag, the usage of a mosquito net, hand sanitizer, and a Ghanaian sim card.

Cost of Excursion – £190

Once you have filled in an application form, we will discuss the excursions with you so you can decide if you want to join us on them.