Children's Home

In Ghana, a significant number of children are orphaned; due to losing their parents, coming from abusive homes, their parent’s not being able to financially look after them or because the infant has special needs.
Kumasi Children’s Home was developed in 1965 and has a particularly large number of young and vulnerable children.

Enliven Mama Africa recruit volunteers to work specifically with the children with special needs in Kumasi Children's Home. In 2014, a multisensory and play room was created in the children's home in order to engage and stimulate the children with special needs.

The volunteers will have the opportunity to get to know the children and their specific needs. They will utilise this room to work directly with children, enabling them the life opportunities that are imperative for their development. This will have a massive impact on the children and enhance the quality of life of so many amazing children with special needs in Kumasi Children's Home.