About Us

About Us

Enliven Mama Africa enriches the communities of rural Ghana by empowering young mothers to thrive through small scale entrepreneurship, monetary assistance and volunteer support, with the vision to enable them to become self-sustainable.


Meet the team:


Maxwell Donkor, Managing Director – Ghana I am Maxwell Yaw Donkor, i am from the Ashanti region of Ghana. I work for an charity organisation called Thrive Africa, we help builds libraries in schools around Kumasi. I am also pastor a church in a town called Sepaase. During a trip to nearby Besease, I noticed the large number of young mothers and the challenges they face in life. The desire to help them compelled me to form an idea for a new project called, Enliven Mama Africa. I am a believer in education, and serving the community which motivates me. Enliven Mama Africa embodies my idea and beliefs and brings it to life.


Sarah Bibbey, Managing Director – USA
I am Sarah Michelle Bibbey of Laporte, Colorado, USA and Afia Adinkra of Atwima Boko, Ghana. I visited Ghana with personal goals to learn about the life of another culture, and I wanted to see Africa for myself. My greatest desire was to build relationships with Ghanaians and make a difference in their lives. One day, on the way home from school in the tro-tro, I met Maxwell, who has become our managing director. We began to talk, which is uncommon in tro-tros. In the next few months, we continued to communicate and I decided to become involved in the work of development in Ghana. Maxwell launched the idea, and I listened. We brainstormed, researched, argued, played, and finally gave birth to Enliven Mama Africa.


Louise Hooper, Co-ordinator – UK
Hi I’m Louise, I live in the UK in a place called Gloucestershire. I Visited Ghana 4 years ago to volunteers for Maxwell’s charity organisation. During my trip to Ghana it really opened my eyes up to a different culture and how other live. volunteering has changed my life and i want to be able to share my experience and also make other volunteers have the same happiness and show love and support where it needs it most. Since being in the UK i have had a passion on helping children develop and grow. I am helping Maxwell make his vision a reality and create an amazing charity that everyone will love!