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Women's Empowerment

For over eight years we've been working to improve children's education and empower women in Ghana.


Volunteer in Ghana

97% of past volunteers recommend us.

Volunteering with Enliven Mama Africa in Ghana is a unique and exciting hands-on experience that most volunteers say is a “life changing”. You’ll work on projects that improve children’s education and empowers women, see the outcomes of your work, explore a beautiful country and experience an incredible culture.


You’ll be working with a team of volunteers from around the world, alongside our team and local stakeholders, gaining an in-depth understanding of what the project is, why it exists and the outcomes it achieves.

A life changing experience.

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Enliven Mama Africa is a Ghanaian NGO that aims to enrich the communities of rural Ghana in all kinds of ways, with the help of volunteers.

You could make a difference by helping on a number of projects; by empowering young mothers by teaching in a school, by helping in a children’s home, by working on a traditional farm and spending time with special-need children and much more!

Why not get involved with us? To get started, see why volunteer with us, and life as a volunteer, along with dates and costs, then either contact us or complete the application form. If you’re unable to volunteer, we also welcome donations.

Explore Ghana

Ghana is praised for its welcoming and warm culture, national parks, wildlife, waterfalls, lakes and picturesque beaches. Thrive Africa helps volunteers to see, explore and experience as much as possible during their trip.